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I like the overall feel of this game, It had a good pacing and some decent scares. But I did come across a bug, when I was in a side room I saved and when I died and went back to the save the door was locked so I couldn't  get out and had to restart the game. 

I was pretty turnt playing this, so I said some mean things lol. Looking back, I do like the concept, but I feel there were random moments such as the IKEA furniture appearing out of nowhere, and THE EYES had no depth to them for the ending was something completely different.

Anyway, here's my gameplay at 22:46. Watch the full video for the FULL story.


Absolutely LOVED this! My Meastro skills were on POINT in this video!

Not too bad! This game definitely builds up quite a creepy atmosphere. I do, however, wish there was a more conclusive ending to this. Other than that, this was pretty good! 


That was a  short but fun and creepy game. Go get scared and learn some Russian with me lol 

Interesting concept and i loved the environment but this game is broken. Keep working on it please! Ill be watching for updates!

Short game but I really did like it.

This was very creepy. 

good creepy

Hello, I played this game and it was a neat little short and sweet game, I liked it, the environment was creepy and the sound effects were also nice, good work :)


sorry but this is a mess,  previously unlocked doors are locking again after loading a game and i got stuck in a few places as well.

fantastic. The atmosphere was good. It has a beautiful picture quality